About GJG


GJG are the initials of our fore fathers, in their remembrance and their blessings. GJG was founded in 2012 with the desire to change the status quo. We provide a platform of directly from mines to consumer so you can get your jewellery with the best value.

All of our gems are 100% natural - we do not carry lab-created or synthetic gemstones - and most stones are certified by distinguished, independent gemstone laboratories - all certificates and appraisals are viewable right here on our site.

To provide the best possible best experience with GJG. We have put together a stellar team of dedicated experts and innovators who are focused on one thing. Helping you find the perfect piece of jewellery. Though it might sound cliche’ providing excellent customer service is vital to the work we do. We hope that we cater to all you queries and doubt, for the best services.

We are the esteemed member of GJPEC, Gems and Jewellery export promotion council.

We are the first to introduce the Indian market to stainless steel jewellery with INLAY art in India. It is highly popularised in USA.

We are also an esteemed member of Jewellery board of trade, America.
We have been a part of many exhibitions in USA and Hong Kong.


Due to his keen interest in Gems and to discover their true mystical powers.
With his passion he travelled various countries for sourcing of rough gemstones, Kenya, Namibia, Bangkok, Hong Kong. And did extensive R&D in gems and jewellery segment by travelling to Middle East, USA, Europe and China to know the market.

He built up his own enterprise of gemstones to further enhance his knowledge in gemstones. With growing time, his passion to proliferate happiness, good spirits and a sense of safety amongst people through gems enhanced and led him to kick-start ‘GJG GEMS’ in 2012.

His foresightedness has driven him to enrich his family m entrepreneurial skills and enabled him to successfully broaden his gemstone business in USA. He is focused on providing the highest quality of gemstones with full trust which they can pass on to the next generations.

He’s the mentor, inspiration,backbone of the business. He did the extensive research in export business and made the foundation for GJG gems to flourish. Because of his commitment and efforts our firm got established.